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About us

A common misconception exists that project management is merely applying good common sense, but nothing can be further from the truth. Just as accountants, engineers or HR personnel need a special skill-set so does a project manager. Another misconception is that employees that are good at their core tasks will make good project managers. This is not always the case but everyday such employees are appointed to lead projects without the relevant project management knowledge and training.

In the 1960s the phrase or concept of project management as a separate business discipline was created. Since then this business discipline went through various stages of maturity and is today a separate and established business process. To keep up with competitors and keep a competitive edge, in having the most advanced product or service, organisations have no other option than to deliver successful projects. The average budget expenditure on project management is on the increase and this increased spend need to be managed. Business, in general, have accepted the fact that without new products, services or improved business processes, they will not grow in order to survive. Survival thus depends on change and change can only be accomplished by people that are empowered to do so. A framework or roadmap is needed to materialise this empowerment.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) was established in 1969 and in the last 48 years project performance across a wide range of successful and unsuccessful projects were captured and project success factors were isolated and documented. This wealth of knowledge is today available in a volume, The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), describing the exact framework to apply in achieving project success. It is applied, relevant and kept up to date through ongoing research. The PMBOK is the de facto international best standard practice framework for project management success.

Teaching this framework to students and embedding it as a professional attribute is our business. It is our primary objective and we are driven by the vision to equip each student with the relevant project management training to attain peak levels of project success for their organisations and in turn also grow on a personal level. Organisational project management in South Africa is a far way from acceptable levels of maturity and unless this situation is not improved on, our country will not reach its full potential, our nation and future generations will experience this negative effect.

This change can only be accomplished by individuals working as teams in a structured manner to achieve a common objective that underpins organisational strategic objectives and social changes. For these teams to attain success the individual members need to be equipped and empowered with the proper tools and techniques, otherwise in most cases, they are set-up for failure.

Our courses equips students to minimize failure and maximise success.


Our roadmap


To see organisational project management maturity growth. Equipping people in project management roles with the necessary skill set to accomplish organisational project success and personal growth. And in doing so, playing our part to create a better South Africa.

Our purpose


To provide students access to the most up to date and proven project management knowledge and develop the skills necessary to achieve their project management professional career goals.

Our principles


To always be honest and transparent. Provide up to date curriculums containing the best and proven knowledge in project management. Courses presented by subject matter experts in an equal manner irrespective of  race, religion or creed.

Throughout my project management career I have realised that the most crucial element in successful projects depends on successful people, and successful people share a number of commonalties such as mutual respect, high  work ethics, knowledge, skills and experience. Projects are driven by people and people operate at a higher level if they are properly prepared. It is my wish that each and every person involved in projects should be successful. My personal and professional goal is to see individual and organizational success and growth. My promise to you; after being though one or more of our courses, is that you will have improved your abilities and chances to have a successful project management career.

Org Knoetze, FounderAnd provide the necessary momentume to drive you to a successful career