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2017 Curriculum: Applied Project Management, Project Management Fundamentals & Advance Project Management.

Module 1: Introduction

What is a project or Project Management, Portfolios, Programs & Projects, The PMO, Role of the Project Manager & PMBOK

Module 2: Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle

Organizational Influences on Project Management,Project Team, Project Life Cycle, Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle & Project Phases.

The Applied Project Management and Project Management Fundamentals courses shares the same curriculum. However, the Project Management Fundamentals Course is a 2 day course and the Applied Project Management is a 3 day course. In the Applied Project Management course the exact same course material is presented as in the Project Management Fundamentals but a complete project from start to finish is also done in conjunction with project management software. In other words. In Project Management Fundamentals all the theory is presented but in the Applied Project Management it is also put into practice.

If you have had exposure to project management, been involved with project phases, documentation, project management software and  project processes but have never done a formal course or if you want to increase your project knowledge the Project Management Fundamentals is the ideal course.

For the person that have had none or previous experience in project management but want to gain the necessary tools and techniques and who want to increase their knowledge of managing a project from start to finish, then the Applied Project Management course would be the correct choice.

The 2 day Advanced Project Management course is intended for the person that has attended either of the Applied or Project Fundamental course or is familiar with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and have done a course on this subject matter. It follows the same curriculum but certain advance aspects that was not focused on in the Applied or Fundamental course, such as: project metrics calculations, data charting, quantitive risk management, earned value management & project projections, are focused on. If you intend to do the CAPM or PMP Certification it is advised to do this course as preparation for the exam.

Module 3: Project Management Processes Cycle

Common Project Management Process Interactions,  Project Management Process Groups, Initiating, Planning, Executing Process, Monitoring and Controlling Process Group, Organizational Influences on Project Management, Project Information & Role of Knowledge Areas.

Module 4: The Project Charter

Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Direct and Manage Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control & Close Project or Phase.  

Module 5: Project Scope Management

Plan Scope Management,Collect Requirements, Define Scope, Create WBS, Validate Scope & Control Scope.

Module 6: Project Time Management

Plan Schedule, Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop & Control Schedule.

Module 7: Project Cost Management

Plan Cost Management, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget & Control Costs.

Module 8: Project Quality Management

Plan Quality Management, Perform Quality Assurance & Control Quality.

Module 9: Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management, Acquire Project Team, Develop & Manage Project Team.

Module 10: Project Communications Management

Plan Communications Management, Manage & Control Communications.

Module 11: Project Risk Management

Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses & Control Risks.

Module 12: Project Procurement Management

Plan Procurement Management, Conduct & Close Procurements.

Module 13: Project Stakeholder Management

Identify Stakeholders, Plan Stakeholder Management, Manage & Control Stakeholder Engagement.


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